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Summer Is Officially Over Forever When You Find Out That White Sand Beaches Are Made Of Fish Poop

Hope you enjoyed spending your summer lying on a soft, white sand beach, because you will probably never want to again.

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Relaxing days on tropical beaches are over, because you are about to be schooled on the disgusting truth that all of that luxurious sand is actually fish crap.

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Sorry, not sorry.

Anna Rothschild, host of Gross Science, is about to drop some seriously stinky truth turds on you.

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This is the parrot fish. It lives in tropical waters, close to coral reefs all around the world.

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The parrot fish eat the algae that clings to the coral.

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According to the video, "They often break off whole chunks of coral, which they grind up with these teeth they have, not in their mouths but in their throats, called Pharyngeal Teeth."

Guess what happens next?

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Anna explains, "The coral passes right through them and comes out the other end as a fine, white sand."

But how much sand can one fish really produce?

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According to Gross Science, "The amount varies by species but it's estimated that a single giant humphead parrotfish can poop out over 11,000 pounds of sand a year."

A huge amount of the sand in Caribbean and Hawaiian beaches was actually produced this way.

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Game over. Vacation ruined.


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Learn even more oddly gross facts about the parrot fish by watching the whole video here.