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Posted on Oct 16, 2017

Throw Your Drink In Someone's Face And Let Us Know What Questions You Have For Soap Icon Deidre Hall

Submit your questions for the Days of Our Lives legend here!

Okay, Days of Our Lives fans: What questions do you have for Deidre Hall, aka Dr. Marlena Evans, aka the QUEEN OF SALEM?


BuzzFeed is going to be spending a day on set with the Emmy-nominated star, and we're giving you the chance to ask her anything!

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

Maybe you have some questions about what it was like doing that storyline where she was possessed by the devil.

NBC / Getty Images

Perhaps you want to know how it feels to have played the same character for over 40 years.

Nbc / Getty Images, NBC / Via

Deidre Hall has been playing Dr. Marlena Evans since 1976.

Maybe you're dying to know who has been her favorite co-star over the years.


Or you want to know the craziest thing that has ever happened on set.


Whatever it is, submit your question in the Dropbox below, and she might answer it in an upcoming BuzzFeed post or video!