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    Amy Poehler's 20-Year-Old Unaired Pilot Is As Weird And Wonderful As You Would Expect

    Hopefully this will help ease the pain of your Parks and Rec withdrawl.

    The Second City Network just released this unaired SCTV pilot from 1995. It's called RVTV and stars a very young Amy Poehler. The whole thing is super fun and weird and you have to see it for yourself. That is all.

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    It was also co-written by Funny or Die co-founder (and former SNL writer) Adam McKay and featured improv legend Del Close.

    Before she was rapping about Sarah Palin on SNL, Amy P. was freestylin' in an RV:

    Everything about this video screams mid-nineties, from Amy's dark lipstick and matching vest, to this amazing Cypress Hill reference: