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    This Awesome Dad Built A Backyard Course For His 3-Year-Old Who Loves "American Ninja Warrior"

    This tiny ninja is about to steal your heart.

    Meet the next generation's American Ninja Warrior, Yoshi Koge.

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    Kimberly Koge / Via

    Yoshi, who just celebrated his third birthday, is OBSESSED with American Ninja Warrior.

    Kimberly Koge / Via

    Yoshi's dad Ken told BuzzFeed, "He started watching American Ninja Warrior about a year ago. His interest has grown over time to the point of running over and around toys in the living room during the commercials."

    So naturally, his awesome dad decided to build Yoshi his own Warrior course.

    Kimberly Koge / Via

    Ken said, "One afternoon, Yoshi and I were in the garage and I just started pulling random items out of the garage to make a little course for him to see how he would like it. Needless to say, he loved it!"

    You can never start training a ninja too early!

    Kimberly Koge / Via

    Ken told BuzzFeed, "It took me about an hour or so, to come up with the obstacles and the layout of the course. The ideas came from watching American Ninja Warrior along with him and trying to adapt more manageable obstacles for his size."

    Yoshi FTW!!!

    Kimberly Koge / Via