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    Posted on Oct 2, 2015

    A Deaf Couple Had An Open Discussion About Love, Sex, And 46 Years Together

    "We never had other relationships, so we had sex all the time. It brings a smile to my face!"

    Married couple Norma and Cecilio have been together for 46 years. They recently sat down with The Skin Deep to have an honest conversation about love, sex, and being deaf parents as part of the ongoing {The And} series.

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    Cecilio started the conversation by reminiscing about when they first fell in love.

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    When Cecilio asked Norma why she married him, she talked about how her parents had always wanted her to marry a deaf man.

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    Norma: "It worked out for both of us because we are both deaf. My parents like you and I like you for me."

    When it came down to it, it was actually Norma who popped the question!

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    "I asked you if you wanted us to get married, and you said yes."

    Cecilio brought up a friend who had doubts about their relationship from the beginning, because although they were both deaf, they had many differences.

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    Cecilio: "You came from a wealthy family. You were rich and I was poor. You were a city girl and I'm from the country. I have dark skin, while you have white skin."

    None of that mattered to Cecilio, though.

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    Their love has clearly stood up to the test of time.

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    "We are very fortunate we have each other. Forty-six years!"

    Norma asked Cecilio, "What makes you still love me, and why?" He had a pretty simple, but awesome answer.

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    "The sex. It's the sex."

    And Norma couldn't argue with that!

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    She said, "We never had other relationships, so we had sex all the time. It brings a smile to my face."


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    "I love you!"