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A Bunch Of Senior Citizens Covered "Uptown Funk" And It Is Glorious

Meet Alex Boyé, the Ol' G's, and the Dancing Grandmas. Their ages range from 65 to 92!

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Alex Boyé is too hot!

Alex Boye / Via

(Hot damn!)

Even Bruno Mars could learn something from these cool cats.

Alex Boye / Via

"Don't believe me, just watch!"

Alex Boye / Via

So smooth.

Between them, they have raised 500 children and 1,200 grandchildren!!!

Alex Boye / Via

Get it, Gran!

Alex Boye / Via

Age is just a number, and this looks like one hell of a party!

Alex Boye / Via

Watch (and listen) to this amazing cover, and stay for the solid life advice at the end. You won't be sorry.

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