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    9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

    Featuring an incredible display of heroism by a 10-year-old, some unbelievable dance moves, and CORGI PUPPIES pouncing in slow motion.

    Chris Pratt Gets Dino-Pranked

    Chris Pratt is pretty much the best. When SA Wardega, the geniuses behind the Spider Dog Prank decided to scare the living sh*t out of the Jurassic World star, he proved again why he is, in fact, America's sweetheart. (3:29)

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    SA Wardega / Via

    The Most Beautiful Thing You Will See On A Subway Platform

    Stunning. Get ready to be mesmerized by this beautiful combination of hip-hop and contemporary dance styles, breathtakingly performed to “Slip” by Elliot Moss. (2:42)

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    pacman / Via

    I'm Not Crying, You're Crying!

    Grab your tissues! This montage of real guys finding out they are going to be dads is just so lovely and if you haven't already called your dad today, what are you waiting for?! (1:04)

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    dovemencareus / Via

    Don't Tag Me, Bro!

    We've all been there. This one goes out to everyone who's ever been tagged on social media in a situation you didn't exactly want to be public. (3:05)

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    BuzzFeedVideo / Via

    Pint-Sized Hero

    This 10-year-old is a role model for us all. Young hero Isiah Francis ran into a burning house and CARRIED TWO KIDS AT ONCE, saving them along with your faith in humanity. (1:12)

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    Cristi Henan / Via

    Corgi Puppy Attack!!!!!

    SO MUCH SQUEEEE! Your day just got a whole lot better, thanks to a bunch of Welsh Corgi puppies chasing a camera in SLOW MOTION. So many floppy ears! (2:07)

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    Goro@Welsh corgi / Via

    Velociraptors Are Even Bigger Jerks Than Cats

    We can't all be raptor-whisperers like Chris Pratt. YouTube channel We Have a Dinosaur hilariously imagines what it would be like to live with a dinosaur, and it's not cute. (1:09)

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    We Have a Dinosaur / Via

    When "Thank You" Is Not Enough

    Hope you still have those tissues handy. No matter where your family comes from, this video of children of Asian immigrant parents recalling the sacrifices their families made will make you grateful for everything your parents have done for you. (4:39)

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    BuzzFeedYellow / Via

    Everyone Loves An Underdog

    This kid is the King of Underdogs! Watch this unlikely dance hero SLAY the competition in this high school dance-off. (3:30)

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    Vincent Manghise / Via

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