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9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring ex-lovers playing "truth or drink," two incredible pop-culture mashups, and the sweetest friendship between a boy and a duck.

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Wild Animals See Their Own Reflection

A photographer traveled to Africa to capture this incredible video of wild animals seeing their reflection in a mirror for the first time. Their reactions are as varied as they are hilarious. (2:32)

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Caters TV / Via

Exes Play "Truth Or Drink"

Well, this is awkward. YouTube channel Cut Video got a bunch of former couples together to play "truth or drink," and sh*t got real. (6:41)

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Cut Video / Via

Game Over. Most Epic Proposal Ever.

This guy just raised the bar for marriage proposals. Dancing, singing, volleyball, confetti, dogs, choirs, thrones — this video has it all! (6:39)

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Tom BetGeorge / Via

Whole Paycheck?

Think all grocery stores are created equal? Think again. BuzzFeed helps you do the math so you don't have to go broke to eat well. (1:36)

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BuzzFeedBlue / Via

The Sponge Who Knocks

Pop culture perfection! This genius mashup of Spongebob Squarepants and Breaking Bad is pretty much the reason the internet was created. (2:18)

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The Grand Overlook Hotel

What if Wes Anderson had directed The Shining? See for yourself in this brilliant mashup trailer. (1:15)

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No Prizes For You!

Ready to get mad? There's a reason you never won a teddy bear from the claw machine at the bowling alley. This informational and infuriating video reveals how rigged those machines really are. (3:50)

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Is This For Real?

"The Japanese gave us great things. They gave us fuel efficient cars, Nintendo." They also gave us crazy game shows where people have to guess "Is This Chocolate?" or try to sing karaoke while getting a hand job. Yes, that's real. (2:02)

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A Boy And His Duck, BFFs

Nibbles the duck and his human bestie Jonny have the cutest friendship ever. Here, Nibbles waits for Jonny to get off of the school bus and it might just be too sweet to handle. (1:04)

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