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9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring a Bad Lip Reading of The Avengers, a singing cat, a heartwarming gesture from a group of high school seniors, and the one and only Dancing Man!

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Baby Goats Wearing Sweaters!

Your recommended daily allowance of squee, right here. These baby goats will warm your heart in their fuzzy sweaters! (0:24)

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Lil'Critterz / Via

Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights

Bad Lip Reading meets The Avengers and all is right in the world. The hilarious team at BLR turned The Avengers into a redneck TV drama, and it is perfection. (4:14)

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Bad Lip Reading / Via

Go Ahead, Touch It!

Poke your screen! This delightful interactive video by Namie Amuro will have you wiping your fingerprint off of your screen, and it's totally worth it. (3:43)

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AmuroNamiech / Via

Charlie Charlie Challenge Prank

People are going nuts over the Charlie Charlie Challenge. We had a little fun with some of our employees who fell HARD for Charlie. (2:56)


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NBD, Just A Singing Cat

This is one talented kitty! Chaninho the cat is happy, and knows it, too. (0:16)

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helena torres / Via

This Horse Knows How To Do Birthdays

JD the horse really wants his birthday wish to come true. After his human friends sing him a round of "Happy Birthday," JD blows out his candles right on cue! (0:27)

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imsarahthatsme / Via

#DancingMan Shows Off His Moves!

The one and only "Dancing Man" has been found! He stopped by BuzzFeed Video to give us some dance lessons, and some life lessons, too. (2:57)

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BuzzFeedYellow / Via

Students Give Up Their Senior Trip To Help Their Principal

Grab your tissues for this one. A group of high school students in Bethlehem, New Hampshire donated their entire senior trip fund to their principal, who is battling cancer. (2:11)

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CatchTheAction / Via

Celebrating 10 Years of YouTube

It was 10 years ago that YouTube launched in beta. To mark the occasion, YouTube Spotlight has released this incredible video covering a decade of content on the platform from A to Z. (2:44)

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YouTube Spotlight / Via


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