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    27 Pictures Of Dogs Getting Baths That Will Make Your Heart Explode

    Their misery is so adorable.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share photos of their unhappy bathtub pups, and the results are adorably heartbreaking.

    1. "But I thought I was a good boy."

    dotarazzi / Via Instagram: @dotarazzi

    Submitted by noabee.

    2. "Guys, let's talk about this. I'm sure we can work something out."

    faithp15 / Via

    Submitted by faithp15.

    3. "You first."

    jmoney12 / Via

    Submitted by jmoney12.

    4. "What's happening? Why am I wet?"

    sydneyw4fad7f51d / Via

    Submitted by sydneyw4fad7f51d.

    5. "You can't take my freeeeeedoooooooom!"

    kcurry0809 / Via

    Sumbitted by kcurry0809.

    6. "You'd better hide your shoes later when we get home."

    autumnr490c351ce / Via

    Submitted by autumnr490c351ce.

    7. "Where's Sarah McLaughlin when you need her?"

    sarahp4f3250681 / Via

    Submitted by sarahp4f3250681.

    8. " don't have to do this."

    Alyssa Gertsch / Via Twitter: @littlepun

    Submitted by @littlepun.

    9. "Well, this is humiliating."

    marifab / Via

    Submitted by marifab.

    10. "I feel so betrayed right now."

    dakotagodfroy / Via

    Submitted by dakotagodfroy.

    11. "Why?"

    Claudia Koerner

    Submitted by Claudia Koerner.

    12. "I'm not 100% comfortable with this situation, guys."

    koalaski19 / Via

    Submitted by koalaski19.

    13. "I trusted you, MOM...if that is your real name."

    Lara Parker

    Submitted by Lara Parker.

    14. "You've broken my heart."

    belle0190 / Via

    Submitted by belle0190.

    15. "Go to your happy place, man."

    janeloneita / Via

    Submitted by janeloneita.

    16. "Please don't put this on the internet."

    megforti / Via

    Submitted by megforti.

    17. "What fresh hell is this?!"

    shannonb479007fc0 / Via

    Submitted by shannonb479007fc0.

    18. "When did you stop loving me?"

    sshirey / Via

    Submitted by sshirey.

    19. "No, really. I'm FINE."

    victoriap407158129 / Via

    Submitted by victoriap407158129.

    20. "We're trapped! There's no way out!"

    gojibear / Via

    Submitted by gojibear.

    21. "What are you gonna do to me with THAT thing?"

    dez2xtreme / Via

    Submitted by dez2xtreme.

    22. "This was a huge mistake."

    nicoler4a0d8b032 / Via

    Submitted by nicoler4a0d8b032.

    23. "I saw Titanic. I'm not letting go."

    jolynnleal / Via

    Submitted by jolynnleal.

    24. "What has become of me?"

    jakostac / Via

    Submitted by jakostac.

    25. "HAAAAAAAALP!"

    j4e7fa0f9d / Via

    Submitted by j4e7fa0f9d.

    26. "I hope you're pleased with yourself."

    Nicole Ortega

    Submitted by Nicole Ortega via email.

    27. "You will live to regret this. Someday. Somehow."

    carolinechristmann / Via

    Submitted by carolinechristmann.

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