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    21 "Freaks And Geeks" Moments That Will Make You Nostalgic For High School, Even When It Was The Worst

    "Is it just me or does the whole world suck?"

    High school is a time riddled with angst and self-doubt. Thankfully, there will always be Freaks and Geeks — the show that totally understood what it was all like.

    1. Like the time Bill suffered this grave humiliation.

    2. Or when Lindsay's soul searching led her to this very true reality.

    3. When Bill spoke his true feelings about gym class, and was basically all of us.

    4. When Lindsay represented smart, brave girls who weren't afraid to speak up.

    5. When Sam was dealt this devastating blow by his crush.

    6. When three wee freshman tried to casually buy some beer.

    7. When Sam was perfectly content with his close-knit trio.

    8. When Bill understood the true meaning of unconditional love.

    9. When Nick said the most teen-angsty thing in the history of teen angst, but it was so real.

    10. When Neal tried to give Sam a little perspective, like any best friend would.

    11. When the difference between freshmen and sophomores was kind of a big deal.

    12. When Cindy was coming into her womanhood and didn't give AF if it made Sam uncomfortable.

    13. When Bill had these very valid questions about making out...

    14. ...until it spiraled out of control.

    15. When Ken got owned by a band geek...

    16. ...and then fell for her.

    17. When Kim gave the most honest book report ever.

    18. When Lindsay tried to have a logical conversation with a stoner.

    19. And then when Lindsay got high for the first time and became a philosopher.

    20. When Lindsay got in trouble for the first time and completely lost the ability to have even the slightest bit of chill.

    21. And finally, when Nick basically summed up what it's like to be stuck in the emotional hellscape of being a teenager.