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21 Images That Won't Make Sense Unless You're The Baby Sister To Older Brothers

Being "the baby" is a blessing and a curse.

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1. When you realize you are going to be called "the baby" for the rest of your life:

2. When your older brothers continually find creative ways to torture you:

Streets71 / Via

3. And when you hatch a clever plan to get sweet revenge:

4. When you can get out of any situation by bringing up your period:

Pixar / Via

5. When using the bathroom after one of your brothers is "at your own risk":

6. When your parents are stricter with you because of all the trouble your brothers put them through when they were your age:

Warner Brothers

7. When your brothers are left in charge and you fear for your safety, mostly from ~fart attacks~:


8. When they mercilessly make fun of you and you wish you had a clever response:

9. But when someone else tries to make fun of you and your brothers suddenly go out of their way to protect you:

Lions Gate Films / Via Twitter: @warford_adam

10. When you notice that some of your stuffed animals have gone missing:

EuropaCorp / Via

11. And when you find out that your brother has given them to his girlfriend as a gift:

Tristar Pictures

12. When being "the baby" means you can get away with murder while your brothers take the blame:

13. When you find your Victoria's Secret catalog in their room:

14. When your friends all have crushes on your bros:


15. But when you are crushing on your brothers' friends:

16. When their reputation precedes you:

17. When you have to keep a vigilant watch on your food:

18. When your date shows up and your brothers overreact just a tad:

Summit / Via

19. When they secretly give you driving lessons when you are way too young:


20. When they finally decide you are old enough to hang:

NBC / Via

21. And finally, when you realize they will always be there to hold your hand:

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