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    19 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues For Book Lovers

    From literary landmarks and grand libraries to intimate bookstore cafes, this list is a bibliophile's dream come true.

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    1. The George Peabody Library, Baltimore

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    This spectacular library is part of the Sheridan Libraries Special Collections at Johns Hopkins University, and while still used as a research library, it has become the premiere venue for weddings and special events in Baltimore. You can host events ranging from an intimate gathering for 40 to a magnificent affair for 400!

    2. The Redondo Beach Historic Library; Redondo Beach, California

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    While no longer a working library, this historic landmark in Redondo Beach sits in Veteran's Park, overlooking the ocean. Now mostly used as an event venue, with an outdoor ceremony option and a reception hall lined with bare bookshelves, which get covered with LED candles and/or your own personal decoration, this place is just lovely.

    3. The Mount, Edith Wharton's Home; Lenox, Massachusetts

    Tricia McCormack Photography / Via

    This sprawling estate, designed by author Edith Wharton in 1902, includes the mansion and three acres of formal gardens, including a French flower garden and an Italian white garden. For weddings, the entire estate is closed to the public, but wedding guests are free to roam the grounds and explore the exhibits inside the mansion.

    4. The New York Public Library, New York

    Mademoiselle Fiona / Via

    Founded in 1895, the historic New York Public Library is an incredibly sought-after wedding venue. You may also remember it as the place Carrie got stood up on her wedding day in the Sex and the City movie, but don't let that bit of fictional bad luck stop you from having a stunningly gorgeous day you will never forget.

    5. King's Cross Station, London


    Yes, Harry Potter fans, you can now get married at King's Cross Station in London. The Parcel Yard Pub, just off the main concourse, is now a licensed wedding venue. Just think, after the ceremony, the newlyweds can catch a train to Hogwarts at platform 9 ¾, or speed off to Paris on the Eurostar for a quick honeymoon getaway!

    6. The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum; Key West, Florida

    Studio Julie Photography / Via

    This home, where Ernest Hemingway lived with his wife and two sons, still houses the original furniture that the family used, and is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding in Key West.

    7. The Boston Public Library, Boston

    With several different spaces to choose from, including outdoor and indoor ceremony options, the majestic Boston Public Library is a fantastic spot for a breathtaking wedding. With a collection of 23 million items, including several first-edition folios by William Shakespeare, original music scores such as Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf," and the personal library of John Adams, this is a magical place to celebrate life and love.

    8. Macdonald Alveston Manor Hotel; Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom


    Situated in Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, this charming Tudor mansion offers picturesque grounds including the splendid cedar tree, which is rumored to be where the very first performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream was performed!

    9. The Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, Missouri

    The Larken Photo & Video Co. / Via

    The unique display of giant books outside the library make this a fun and unique spot, perfect for some really great wedding photos! In addition to the giant tribute to literary classics out front, the library also offers gorgeous options for both indoor and rooftop wedding ceremonies.

    10. Rowan Oak, Home of William Faulkner; Oxford, Mississippi

    Sully Clemmer Photography / Via

    William Faulkner and his family called Rowan Oak home for over 40 years. Built in 1844, the property boasts over 29 acres of land just south of the Square in Oxford, Mississippi.

    11. Chawton House Library; Hampshire, United Kingdom

    CC/Flickr/Herry Lawford / Via Flickr: herry

    Any Jane Austen fan would be delighted to visit, let alone get married, at Chawton House. Just an hour from London, this romantic home in the country was once owned by the beloved author's brother, Edward. Jane Austen visited regularly to dine, dance, and to find inspiration, and even referred to the estate as the "Great House" in her letters.

    12. Library Hotel, New York

    Kristy May Photography / Via

    With its stunning views of Manhattan, the Reading Room, and 10 floors of guest rooms dedicated to the 10 major categories of the Dewey Decimal System, the Library Hotel is a bibliophile's perfect little corner of the world.

    13. The Algonquin Hotel, New York

    Peter Kramer / Getty Images

    For a small, intimate reception, the Algonquin Hotel is a charmer. The legendary Algonquin Round Table was once the meeting place of artistic and literary luminaries including Dorothy Parker, George S. Kaufman, and Margaret Leech Pulitzer.

    14. Berkelouw Books, Sydney, Australia

    Lara Hotz / Via

    This cafe and bookstore in Sydney is perfect for a small gathering, as these two bookworm brides discovered when they had the very first wedding held there in 2013.

    15. Monroe County Museum; Monroeville, Alabama

    CC/Andrea Wright / Via

    Not only is the museum home to two permanent exhibits: Truman Capote: A Childhood in Monroeville, and Harper Lee: In Her Own Words, it houses the courtroom where a young Harper Lee sat in the balcony and watched her father practice law. The Old Monroe County Courthouse was even re-created on a soundstage in Hollywood for the famous courtroom scenes in the movie version of Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. And yes, it is available for weddings.

    16. The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art; Amherst, Massachusetts

    Looking Glass Photography / Via

    How about a whimsical wedding surrounded by the artistry of childrens picture books? Amherst's Eric Carle Museum collects, preserves, showcases, and celebrates picture books and picture book illustrations from around the world to fulfill their mission "to inspire a love of art and reading through picture books."

    17. Oxford Exchange; Tampa, Florida

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    This lovely and intimate book shop and design studio was voted one of the best bookstores in the Tampa Bay area, and could be the perfect nook for a cozy wedding.

    18. The Plaza Hotel, New York

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    Channel your inner Eloise from the childrens book series about a girl who lives in the "room on the tippy-top floor" of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. If that's not your style, you can go for a Gatsby affair, as both the tea garden and a Plaza Hotel suite are locations for scenes in the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

    19. The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles


    The Last Bookstore is the largest new and used book and record store in California, and was included in Flavorwire's list of The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores In The World. With its tunnel of books and cozy, open space downstairs, this book shop in Downtown Los Angeles is a go-to spot for engagement photos as well as intimate wedding ceremonies and receptions.

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