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    18 Things People With Long Hair Feel Slightly Guilty About

    Yes, that's my hair in your sandwich. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    1. Leaving trails of hair all over the house.

    2. Clogging up the shower drain constantly.

    3. Hogging the bathroom because it takes FOREVER to blow-dry your hair.

    4. Not cleaning out your very fuzzy hairbrush.

    5. Using ALL of the shampoo up, because it takes a lot to lather those tresses.

    6. Spending a lot of money on a hairdresser that actually knows what to do with your hair.


    7. Being late for a date or a party because it takes forever to do anything special like curling, straightening, or braiding your hair.

    8. Not going out, because you don't feel like washing/drying/styling your hair.

    9. Always asking people at school or work for an extra ponytail holder.

    10. Leaving hair in someone else's bed.

    11. Being way too attached to your long hair, like it's your security blanket.

    12. Getting emotional when someone cuts too much of your hair, even if it's hardly even noticeable to others.


    13. Complaining about how long your hair is, but never wanting to cut it short.

    14. Getting your hair in someone else's food.

    15. Leaving hair ties and bobby pins all over the house.

    16. Whipping people in the face with your hair when you dance. Or run. Or basically do anything active.

    17. Asking a friend or significant other to hold your hair while you vomit, because it's a two-handed job.

    18. And finally, not really feeling too bad about any of this because it took you forever to grow out that luscious mane and you are proud of it!