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    17 Dads Who Are Not Having Their Best Day

    The struggle is real.

    1. This dad who can't tell his twins apart.

    2. This dad who somehow managed to cook his Kindle.

    atrueviking / Via

    3. This dad, who glued a tiny woodland animal to his finger.

    laracapuano / Via

    4. This dad who wanted an action shot.

    5. This dad, who held his kid's Elf on the Shelf for ransom.

    burkeemonroe / Via

    6. This dad who got schooled by his kid.

    hstyles_95 / Via

    7. This dad who gave his son a Simpsons-inspired haircut.

    8. This dad who gave his kids a smoothie with extra espresso.

    joeljonathanohman / Via

    9. This dad who looked away for a second.

    gingerbongo / Via

    10. This dad who lost his grip.

    11. This dad who accidentally texted his daughter instead of his wife.

    12. This dad who dropped his daughter into the pit.

    13. This dad who lost control of potty training.

    14. This dad who sneezed while preparing his baby's formula.

    15. This dad who accidentally revealed the truth about the tooth fairy.

    mest1z0skat / Via

    16. This dad who forgot he had TWO kids.

    17. And this new dad who had to call in a locksmith to bring home his baby for the first time.

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