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    16 True Crime Podcasts That Will Entertain You While Also Scaring The Crap Out Of You

    Just in time for Halloween season or, as others call it, "autumn."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite true crime podcasts and why they love them. Here's a list of wonderfully creepy listening options to take you right into fall aka Halloween season!

    1. Real Crime Profile

    Facebook: realcrimeprofile

    "Lisa, Jim, and Laura are highly intellectual and shift the focus of the series on the victims. Jim is a former FBI profiler and now a writer on Criminal Minds. Laura is former New Scotland Yard and creator of a domestic violence assessment tool. I've learned so much on coercive control, stalking, and abuse from this podcast. Listening to their pod BLEW MY MIND." β€”callscotlandyard

    2. Sword and Scale

    Facebook: swordandscale

    "The production quality is very high, excellent intro/outro music, and Mike has the perfect voice to pull you in. Each episode is engrossing, sometimes deeply disturbing. There are frequent guest interviews and a wide range of recordings associated with each crime being discussed. You'll be fascinated, frustrated, angry, and shocked β€” and if you're anything like me, eagerly awaiting every new episode. This podcast is top-notch!" β€”meaganmparker88

    3. True Crime Garage

    Facebook: truecrimegarage

    "They go into the cases in-depth and they are really good at bringing in moments of levity without disrespecting the victims or their families." β€”echojuliettyankee

    "Not only do the two hosts have great chemistry, making for fun listening, but their research into their cases is extremely thorough. They also use their podcast to call attention to little-known cases in hopes of providing law enforcement with much-needed tips." β€”northwesterngirl

    4. And That's Why We Drink

    "It is a paranormal and true crime podcast with two amazingly hilarious hosts who add humor to the dark and mysterious topics they cover!" β€”shelbiemaes

    5. All Killa No Filla

    Facebook: AllKillaNoFillaPodcast

    "This will forever be my favourite. Rachel and Kiri have the perfect blend of gory factual details balanced with really long and really funny tangents. Their chemistry together is amazing and makes me want to be their friend. They recently started a three-parter on Aileen Wuornos and it's already so good. Perfect if you love serial killers but don't want to write to them in prison!" β€”eileenb4846913d3

    6. My Favorite Murder

    "Hands down, best true crime podcast. It's like hanging out with my best girl friends talking about murder and crazy stuff. Karen and Georgia are honest, relatable, and hilarious. This is a true crime podcast for sure, but it's also full of personal anecdotes that anyone can relate to. It's a must listen!! ~Stay sexy." β€”catiec49fad7767

    "When you are talking about such a horrific subject like murder it's helpful that the hosts can bring levity to the situation without being disrespectful. Karen and Georgia are amazing. They are all of us, never claiming to be experts but are fascinated on what makes these people tick and do the things they do." β€”Erin

    7. The Last Podcast on the Left

    "These guys do crazy research on everything from serial killers to UFOs and present it all with plenty of dark humor." β€”saral47918101c

    "I saw them live recently and it was amazing. I love them because they talk about really creepy shit that has happened (serial killers mostly, but also aliens and ghosts sometimes) and manage to make it all hilarious at the same time. Definitely check it out!" β€”zgklingaman

    8. Up and Vanished

    "It explores the 10-year-old cold case of missing teacher Tara Grinstead. As the podcast goes on, the revelations surrounding her disappearance start to peel back, layer after horrible layer. It's gripping β€” and what's great is that the host, Payne Lindsey, takes listener questions about the case, and has figures from law enforcement and the judicial system on the show to provide expert insight into the case as it unfolds. It respectfully tackles a disappearance that has shaken a small-town community, even after all of these years, and never forgets that at the front and center of it is a young woman who had her whole life in front of her." β€”18milesnh

    9. Small Town Murder

    Facebook: smalltownpod

    "James and Jimmie give you some weird, interesting, and fucked up stories, and they're not ones you hear about often. I'm certain you won't know the majority of the cases they cover. They make the stories easier to swallow by being absolutely hilarious. You need to be able to handle dark humor, but they know their boundaries. It's a perfect mix of true crime and comedy." β€”mareiersalade

    10. Gone at 21

    Facebook: Justiceforkatelyn

    "It's done by the PI who investigated the case. He was hired on by an anonymous donor, then took on the case pro bono to see justice for Katelyn Markham, who went missing and whose body was found almost two years later in a ditch. No one has been arrested for her death." β€”a4dedd0bed

    11. Casefile

    Facebook: casefile

    "Anonymous podcaster with an amazing research team. Sticks to the facts and discusses cases chronologically while providing details on victims and perpetrators." β€”karinac4848de554

    12. Wine & Crime

    Facebook: WineandCrimePod

    "This is the BEST true crime podcast. Three ladies cover topics from catfishing cases, to ax murders, to exorcisms gone wrong. All done in their authentic Minnesota accents. I didn't know something could be so dark and so hilarious at the same time." β€”emilyl4a782f105

    13. In the Dark

    "Riveting from beginning to finish, and unlike some true crime podcasts that end without a conclusion of who did it, what actually happened, etc. β€” this podcast has an ending. It blew my mind, informed me on our nation's sexual deviant laws and where they derived from, broke my heart, and made me angry, all at the same time. Just listen to it." β€”beanfrank

    14. The Vanished Podcast

    "While many true crime podcasts focus on murder, this one focuses on the missing. It gives the families a voice and the host, Marissa, is awesome. She truly cares about getting their stories out and helping the families figure out what happened to their loved one." β€”jessr4282695d6

    15. Crime in Sports

    Facebook: Crimeinsports

    "You don't have to love sports, or even like them! The stories are intricately researched and expertly narrated. Each episode is a roller-coaster ride of career peaks and personal lows. Hilarious, engaging, and even educational (who knew cricket was that complicated?!)." β€”ginanation

    16. Crime Writers On...

    Facebook: crimewritersonserial

    "Two true crime writers, a fiction writer, and an investigator. They are all super funny, and it's very interesting to get their take on things. They also have suggestions for other things you should listen to." β€”Kellay Briggs, Facebook

    Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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