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    Updated on Dec 14, 2019. Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    15 Things People Get Wrong About Puerto Ricans

    Did your family come here legally?

    1. "You don't look Puerto Rican."

    ABC / Via

    Wait, what is a Puerto Rican ~supposed~ to look like?

    2. "But you're white."

    NBC / Via

    That is correct.

    3. OR... "but you're black."

    ABC / Via

    And...also Puerto Rican.

    4. "Did your family come here legally?"

    Independent Film Channel / Via

    Pero, Puerto Ricans are American citizens, boo.

    5. "Yeah, but you don't have to pay any taxes, right?"



    6. "I'm just gonna take a Puerto Rican shower."

    Fox / Via

    I mean, seriously. It's 2016. Those jokes are old and tired and completely out of touch with Boricua beauty.

    7. "OMG, I live for tacos!"


    Um, that's cool. Tacos are Mexican, though. However, I'd love to introduce you to the wonderful world of pernil, platanos tostones, and mofongo!

    8. "No, I get it, I totally love Puerto Rican green salsa!"

    That's sofrito. And it's delicious, but it's not salsa.

    9. "But, obviously love spicy food, right?"

    Warner Bros. / Via

    I do not. My brother does, though! We are all unique individuals, just like you!

    10. "Why do you still have your Christmas tree up? It's JANUARY."

    Twitter: @LiindaSnow97

    From Noche Buena to Three Kings Day, Christmas is a marathon, not a sprint.

    11. "I'll bet you have a crazy temper!"

    HBO / Via

    Nope. But I do have a low threshold for ignorance.

    12. "You are so exotic."

    Dimension Films / Via

    What, like a bird?

    13. "Were you ever a gang member?"

    Fox / Via

    No, but right now I wish I had a crew to rough you up a bit. Kidding/not kidding.

    14. "Why are Puerto Ricans so loud about being Puerto Rican?"

    Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

    Boricua pride, baby! ¡PA QUE TU LO SEPAS!

    15. "Do you really need a whole parade, though?"

    Stephen Chernin / Getty Images

    YES. Puerto Rican culture is deeply grounded in family and community. It doesn't matter if you were raised in San Juan, in the Midwest suburbs, or in El Barrio, Boricua pride is universal! WEPA!

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