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    The 15 Most Badass Moms Of 2016


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    1. This mom who got so much joy out of a Star Wars mask that she made all of us happy too.

    2. This mom who closed her family's living room for a month:

    Nick Denbow / Via Twitter: @nickdenbow11

    3. This mom who taught her bullied daughter about self-love:

    after being bullied on the bus this week about her skin color, i decided a self-love exercise was needed. black and…

    “I am beautiful and black. I am smart. I am funny. I am vibrant,” she says. “I am kind. I am honest. I am helpful. I am graceful. I am nice. I am proud to be brown. I am magical, unbreakable, and confident.”

    4. This crafty mom who made an incredible Selena Quintanilla costume for her daughter for only 50 cents:

    5. This wonderfully wholesome mom who always has something sweet and optimistic to say:

    6. This refreshingly honest mom who shared what her body looked like just 24 hours after giving birth:

    Erica Andrews / Via

    Andrews said, “Standing there that night looking at myself in the mirror, I fell in love with my body. It has grown, carried, birthed, and fed five beings. I felt called to share its beauty with my amazing Instagram friends and followers.”

    7. Celeb mom, Alyssa Milano, who shut down Wendy Williams on her own show for shaming breastfeeding moms:

    8. The clever mom who completely nailed what it's like to be pregnant in her hilariously real comics:

    10. This inspirational mom who breastfed her twins while working:

    “We live in a day and age when family models are changing,” Koh said. “Women aren’t necessarily the primary caretakers anymore, so there’s no reason women can’t be as successful in their careers as men.”

    11. This relatable mom who shared her emotions after her parenting was judged by a stranger in the grocery store:

    Brothers said, "She handed me my receipt and I cried. They don't know me. They don't know me as a mother. They don't know my children. They don't know I was married before I started a family. They don't know I left that marriage because of abuse knowing I would have it just as hard as a single mother."

    12. The awesome mom who was called a "bad mommy" for letting her son wear tutus:

    Jen Anderson Shattuck / Via

    Anderson Shattuck wrote, "My three-and-a-half-year-old son likes to play trucks. He likes to do jigsaw puzzles. He likes to eat plums. And he likes to wear sparkly tutus. If asked, he will say the tutus make him feel beautiful and brave. If asked, he will say there are no rules about what boys can wear or what girls can wear."

    13. The creative mom who dressed her baby up in amazing costumes while she napped:

    Laura Izumikawa Choi

    14. This badass mom who pumped while running a half marathon:

    Anna Young / Via

    Young said, "Yesterday I ran a half marathon at five months postpartum. I had to leave at 4:30am and the race started at 6:45am. I nursed my daughter before I left my house, pumped after running the first 8 miles and nursed her after I made it past the finish line."

    15. And, finally, every time Chrissy Teigen clapped back at people who criticized her parenting:

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