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15 Moments Of Flatulence All Pregnant Women Will Recognize

Your bed is pretty much a permanent dutch oven.

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1. When you throw up because of the smell of your own farts.

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2. When it's not even the sound that wakes up your hubby.

3. When even your animals are disgusted by you.

4. When you feel that old, familiar shame.

5. When your toot also brings a little fruit.

6. But honestly, you think it's funny.

7. When you're in public and you're trying to stifle an epic, earth-shaking ripper.

FOX / Via

8. When you finally have some privacy and can get some sweet relief...


9. ...Until you realize you've trapped yourself into a box of horrors.


10. When you accidentally dutch oven yourself.


11. When you accidentally (or not) dutch oven your partner.

NBC / Via Netflix

12. When you thought you got away with a silent one...


13. ...But there's no denying it was you.


(Not sorry)

14. When you just let one go LIKE A BOSS.

15. When you dgaf because you're creating human life and that is a fucking miracle.


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