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    • alittlejester

      If you believe that all these incidents are connected in a deep and meaningful way then you are retarded. There is no conspiracy.  Men are beasts. It is a simple truth. (Almost) All the killings, raping, pillaging, fighting and torturing are done by men. If you believe you can change that, you are delusional.  Men protect their group. They don’t care about outsiders and are prone to discriminate outsiders. What Adria did, was stupid. She was accepted in the group. Then she attacked the same group. Now she is teared apart.  If you think of men as animals then you are fine. Just manipulate them with your natural weapons. Long hair and big tits will help you. They will bounce up and down as little puppy dogs.  But it is unfair, because not everyone has those! But do you think anybody gives a fuck about unfairness?

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