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    The Year In Angry Newspaper Photographs

    2015 saw a general election, floods, Islamic State terrorism and a descent to the very edge of World War Three. But there was still space in the world for local newspapers and their daily diet of people pointing at dog turds and the weird creature that just crawled out of a tin of baked beans. Keep a local newspaper journalist in a job and buy a newspaper.


    The Cornishman / Via

    That time someone left a fried egg at the scene of a break-in.

    JMyers / Via

    These Welsh people had trouble with cricket. That pitch is going to take spin like a dream.

    Stuart Milligan / Via

    Meanwhile in Australia, this man wants to stick this fruit up possums' bottoms because possums.


    Susan Windmiller / Via
    Gloucestershire Echo / Via

    The time this man thought he was buying a laptop from online tat market Ebay, and paid £300 for a picture of a Macbook. He also has his Christmas lights up in February, but do not let this detail cloud your judgement.



    Andrew Roe / Via

    A General Election looms, and soon to be yesterday's man Nick Clegg notices holes in the road in his home constituency. We call this pose the "Done A Poo".

    Brentwood Gazette / Via

    The time this man pointed at his gas meter.


    Carrick Herald / Via

    May, and as an angry nation accidentally returns a Tory government this man vents his fury at Scotrail, his specs hanging limply from their string.

    Bournemouth Daily Echo / Via
    Ashbourne News Telegraph / Via

    The woman who found a dead fly in her pasty. Supermarket offers her a gesture of goodwill, which turns out to be a live fly*.

    *This is untrue.

    Get Reading / Via

    The time a man sat on a toilet with his trousers round his ankles to protest over public toilets


    Julie Lester / Via

    It's June and we're yet to see someone holding their nose in a local newspaper. Sorted.

    South Wales Evening Post / Via

    Got a drain leaking raw sewage? Would you mind ever so much lying on it for the local paper? Magic.

    Fleet News and Mail / Via

    "Mrs Qua is a housewife and said she needs her car throughout the day and for driving her children to school and after-school clubs." Hashtag FirstWorldProblems.


    Wolverhampton Express and Star / Via

    The time a mum humiliated her son by going to the local press. Poor fan boy.

    Sean Stewart / Via

    The July heatwave made this metal statue 'too hot to sit on,' says mum. Well, don't sit on it, you nubbin.


    That time it got too hot to do anything except get cross at the builders.

    Luton News / Via

    And to top it all, somebody drew a huge ejaculating wang on this chap's sports ground with its state-of-the-art facilities. July, everybody.



    When Stan Lee's* phone broke.

    * Not Stan Lee

    Kylie Else / Via

    When this man and his blue balls thought women were getting preferential treatment on the bowling green.

    Ipswich Star / Via

    When this man (who may or may not be Hugh Grant*) dressed up as a hedge.

    * It's not.

    Burton Mail / Via

    This local councillor was photographed seconds before a bizarre and fatal steam roller accident.

    John Westhrop / Via

    And this man was sleeping in his garden to guard his priceless potato on a stick.



    September only means one thing: Kids with the wrong uniform being sent home in the first week of term. Who do you think you are? Johnny Rotten?

    David Nielsen / Via

    When there's no way to illustrate a story about bad smells except by holding your nose. Get a clothes peg, and you get both hands free.

    Ian Hargreaves / Via

    Don't mess with angry hipster rugby man.


    Nottingham Post / Via

    This kid, condemned to a life as Cheese Boy, because his mum wants the school to stop serving cheese because he doesn't like cheese. Cheese.

    Richmond and Twickenham Times / Via

    When you get so angry, you have it framed.

    John McCutcheon / Via

    When you're the only man standing between humanity and the rise of the machines.


    Derby Telegraph / Via

    When you wait weeks for the council to do some work at your flats, and they go to the wrong place.

    Jerome Ellerby / Via

    When, all things considered, you'd rather live in a field.


    And with Christmas round the corner, you decide you need to climb out the window to put up decorations for the kiddiewinks, but they've put in bars.


    Rugby Advertiser / Via

    When Doctor Who's "Are you my mummy?" boy grows up, moves to the Midlands, and develops a social conscience.

    Bradford Telegraph and Argus / Via

    This was the month that a local councillor declared his undying love for a twin-slot electric toaster. We hope we're invited to the wedding.

    Sunderland Echo / Via

    The time this guy was left without heating for two days.

    Janine Eastgate / Via

    And it's finally Christmas, which means - by law - all Australian Santas have to be miserable.

    Lest We Forget

    Manchester Evening News / Via

    No Angry People in Local Newspapers round-up is complete without Ron, the man who didn't watch porn on his Virgin Media service, yet still got billed hundreds of pounds. Bless you, Ron and your rabbit-in-the-headlights expression. View The Gallery Of Ron, a complete resource for all Ron fans.