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Apartment Hunting As Told By Gifs

Because still photos cannot capture the emotional coaster that is apartment hunting.

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When you first go on Craigslist and see the chaos of listings.

Then, you find and searching becomes so much easier.

But you look at your credit score and…

When you see exactly how expensive rent is.

When you find the perfect listing.

But then you go to the open house and it doesn’t look anything like in the pictures.

When you see all the other people who want to apply for the same apartment as you at the open house.

You will get rejected.

You will doubt yourself.

And you will want to give up.

But then, there will be that joyous moment when you get the call.

And when you finally walk into your new apartment.

Happy Hunting, everyone! And don’t forget to use WhereWeLive for your search!

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