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  • Stray Dog Found A Newborn Baby On The Street In Oman , What The Dog Did Was Amazing

    We live in a world full of cruelty; we are surrounded by heartless, inhumane people. The people who use every chance to abuse dogs, leave them abandoned on streets, poison them, or kill them. In a parallel world to the cruelty, we still find dogs loyal and are there for people when they need to be. No matter how much hatred and abuse they received from humans; The dog found a newborn baby only a few hours old, with its umbilical cord still attached to it. The dog came closer to the baby. It carried it between its jaws, and went towards a house near by. The parents of this baby managed to dump it like a piece of trash, but was thankfully saved by a dog. it has been reported that a moscat hospital in oman has confirmed the story to the media and added that the dog somehow managed to not puncture the baby with its fangs, and that they are waiting on the parents to come forward, but in a community like that, it’s usually an unwed mother and will not come forward in fear of shaming her family and the child will end up in an orphanage where adoption is not allowed due to the country’s religion. A similar story has been reported in 2005 in NAIROBI, Kenya and you can read more about it here

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