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Just what is this so-called "ism"?

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A lot of discussion has been centered around feminism lately, and whether or not it is a worthwhile cause to belong to. If the root word "feminine" in feminist doesn't scare people away, those who take the feminist values to the extreme surely will. Especially since people for equal rights are claiming that being egalitarian is the exact same thing, but better.

Is it really though?

Let's take a look at its definition:

Egalitarianism: a trend of thought that favors equality for all people.

Sure, at first glance I can see why someone would be all for egalitarianism. Just by reading the first paragraph on it's Wikipedia page, it says that it advocates for equal rights for all humans. Feminism just says "women's rights," right?

But that's where things get a bit muddled, because egalitarianism says it's for equal rights but doesn't exactly go about it in the best way. It's like click bait; a flashy title with disappointing content.

Egalitarianism fights for equal rights, all right, but they use peer pressure and anarchy as their means. They are negative towards rules and principles, and gravitate toward groupthink.

They also fully believe in idea that if everyone is equal and has equal opportunity to everything this nation has to offer, then the quality of your life is completely your responsibility. And although everyone might be equal in status, things like wealth, resources, capabilities, and abilities are still up to you.

For example, you and another candidate have every right to apply for the same position since you are of the same status. But the other candidate has wealth from inheritance, capabilities that you don't, and resources that they've collected that you didn't. Thus they will be selected and you won't. (Kinda like what we already have now, huh?)


And not only that, but those who sell goods have the right to "legitimately base [their] decisions on nonmarket values without engaging in wrongful discrimination [...] [So] a maker of fancy surfboards might sell them by preference to more skilled surfers, and a mountaineering guide might select clients partly on the basis of their physical fitness...".


Plus, for any of these "equal" rights to be applied - I mean, we haven't even gotten to the welfare and justice section yet - one must belong to a group, community, or society and contribute to said group, community, or society. None of these "rights" or " rules" apply to the individual, because egalitarians do not recognize people as individuals.


The more you read about egalitarianism, the scarier it becomes. Justice is based on morality, welfare is practically a moot point , and everyone starts blending into one another.

Tell me again why you prefer this over feminism? Are you really that scared of things you don't understand? (Because clearly you didn't understand egalitarianism.)


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