18 Things Only Bilingual People Will Understand

Because for some of us, "soy milk" could either be a non-dairy beverage--it could be milk introducing itself.

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7. People ask you to translate things ALL the time, and you wanna be like...


Sometimes you wish you weren't such a linguistic badass, or that people didn't know about your talents--but then you remember how sweet it is to be the badass who "saves the day"

8. Sometimes you can use your skills for good deeds, like translating for your friend in a foreign country to help them flirt with the locals

12. But have no fear! You can tell them to take a hike in their native tongue so there's no confusion.

And if they still pretend they don't understand, a simple "No" is pretty universal--or shake your finger and purse your lips like Beyonce.

13. You can watch the "Best Foreign Film" Oscar-nominated films and get really emotional because you actually know what's going on

Because we all know that it's hard to feeeel the emotion when you're busy reading subtitles

16. And other times you and your best friend switch languages so you can speak in "code"

Caution: this trick doesn't always work outside the US, as most people in other countries speak more than two languages.

17. While traveling, your friends are busy freaking out that there are no signs in English, and you're like "Ehh".

No English, no problem. You've got public transportation, restaurant menus, and museum placards on lock.

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