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How Many Of These Movies By Female Directors Have You Seen?

Women have been making films for more than 100 years, but they're still startlingly outnumbered in Hollywood. Here are more than 175 movies from female filmmakers. How many have you seen?

  1. Christina Lu

    Women have been a part of the movie industry since its earliest days — Alice Guy-Blaché directed one of the first fiction films in 1896. But female directors are still troublingly outnumbered in Hollywood, with only one of this upcoming summer's major releases, Jupiter Ascending, directed by a woman. Below are 176 of the most prominent movies directed by women, from Ida Lupino's 1950s noir The Hitch-Hiker, to Nancy Meyers's biggest romantic comedy hit, to a Disney pioneer, with no more than two per filmmaker for maximum variety. Check off every film that you've watched all the way through.