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    Updated on Aug 25, 2020. Posted on May 22, 2014

    14 Awesomely Absurd Movie Posters From The Cannes Film Festival

    There is a vampire musical staring a Backstreet Boy and a male Bridesmaids counterpart with Dustin Diamond and Metta World Peace. Seriously.

    Every year, while the stars and auteurs come out for the Cannes Film Festival, the international industry gathers for Le Marché du Film — the market that happens at the same time, in the same building. While the fest is glitzy and prestigious, the Marché is all about business, with companies from around the world offering up movies that are sometimes serious, sometimes schlocky, and sometimes haven't even been made yet.

    Here are 14 highlights from the market this year. Brace yourselves.

    1. Kamasutra 3D

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    What you really want in your Indian erotic cinema is to see the action coming right at you.

    2. The Bloody Indulgent

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    The title for this "high-concept" vampire musical starring Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson makes jokes a little too easy.

    3. Eat

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    Here's guessing this is not the kind of movie you watch during dinner.

    4. He Never Died

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins stars alongside The Twilight Saga's Booboo Stewart in this thriller.

    5. Blood Lake

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    They feed on one thing only...former Beverly Hills, 90210 cast members.

    6. Bachelors

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    This cast could not possibly get better.

    7. Archie: Robodog

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    When Skynet becomes self-aware, it's going to be so embarrassed about this.

    8. The Dead Men

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    Entirely for the face Jackson Rathbone is making.

    9. The Depend Bles

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    A slightly more seasoned take on The Expendables.

    10. Falcon Rising

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    Not quite the Marvel character.

    11. I Am a Wolf

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    This Chinese animated movie may be aiming for Miyazaki, but its characters here are looking more like nightmare fuel.

    12. Polanski

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    Damian Chapa didn't just write and direct this "unauthorized" biopic, he also cast himself as Roman Polanski.

    13. Mantivities

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed

    Chris Pine actually co-wrote this comedy, but it hasn't been shot yet, so there's still time for us to convince him that "mantivities" are not a thing.

    14. Zoombies

    Alison Willmore/BuzzFeed


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