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Watch This Incredible Video Of A Sinkhole Swallowing A Grove Of Trees

A hungry sinkhole in Louisiana is literally eating the town.

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This 24-acre hole in the rural Assumption Parish in Louisiana — called the Bayou Corne sinkhole — is swallowing the town.

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The sinkhole is "a swampy, reeking, 24-acre hole in the earth." What land it will take is unpredictable, which has led many to flee their homes.


This isn't the first time the sinkhole has destroyed land, but a reporter who has been covering the story for over a year calls it "the strangest video I've seen yet."

The state of Louisiana has filed a lawsuit against a chemical company they believe to be responsible for the sinkhole. Mother Jones reports:

In 2012, after months of unexplained seismic activity and mysterious bubbling on the bayou, a sinkhole opened up on a plot of land leased by the petrochemical company Texas Brine, forcing an immediate evacuation of Bayou Corne's 350 residents—an exodus that still has no end in sight. Last week, Louisiana filed a lawsuit against the company and the principal landowner, Occidental Chemical Corporation, for damages stemming from the cavern collapse.

Later this afternoon, an additional video emerged showing the giant Louisiana sinkhole swallowing another tree.

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