An Incredible Rescue Mission Saved A Man Trapped In Colorado Floods

Three have died in a flood in Colorado that has swallowed cars and caused 2 to 3 feet deep mudslides. In this remarkable video from this morning, rescuers saved one man close to drowning after his car flipped over.

1. A man trapped in a flipped car was close to death, but in an incredible feat, rescue workers were able to drag him out of the vehicle alive.

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2. First, the rescuers successfully turn a flipped car on its side after suspecting a person may be inside.

3. They break the car’s window and find a man inside, who is conscious. They offer him a lifejacket and try to help him out the window.

4. But then the car suddenly falls over again — the newscaster cut to commercial, afraid of airing a causality on live television.

5. When when the show returns, the newscasters reveal the man is safe.

Handout / Reuters

6. The rescue workers opened the car door, found the man still conscious, and dragged him to safety.

7. Good job, Colorado rescue workers!


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