A Twitter Employee Live-Tweeted Giving Birth

Twitter user @Claire live-tweeted being in labor from the moment her water broke. Update — April 5, 5:45 p.m. ET: Claire gave birth to a baby girl. Congratulations, Claire!

1. When Twitter employee @Claire went into labor on Saturday, she naturally decided to live-tweet the entire process with the hashtag #inlabor.

Twitter / Via @Claire

2. It began when her water broke early in the morning on Saturday, April 5. Her father Lance Williams called BuzzFeed on Saturday to confirm that his daughter was in labor in Buenos Aires, where she lives with her husband.

6. She tweeted a picture of her Twitter sweatshirt while en route to the hospital.

Contractions 5 minutes apart. My @twitter jacket on. Headed to hospital. #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

8. It sounds like she and her husband had a lot of trouble getting to the ER, as her car broke down and they needed to find a taxi.

When you go into labor weeks early, you don't remember to pack a baby bag. #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

Speed bumps on road and contractions don't mix. #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

Car overheating?! Stopping at gas station. #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

Car now broken down. On side of road. Need taxi. #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

Taxi found. Checked in at hospital. Screaming women abound. #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

14. Once safe at the hospital, she had her priorities straight: Ice chips now, baby name later. She also described her pain as “BLERGH!!!” and said her doctor looks exactly like Bethenny Frankel.

Where are my ice chips? #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

Please stop asking what we are planning to name the baby. We don't know. And it's getting awkward. #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

This is how I feel: BLERGH!!!!! #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

To reiterate my labor pains: BLERGH!!!! #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

Husband confused by what happens next. Aren't we all? #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

Have we talked yet about how my OB is a dead ringer for @Bethenny? #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

21. As of 4:00 p.m. ET, this was her last tweet:

Husband upset he forgot his absurd ukelele to welcome child. In our broken car on side of highway? Prolly. #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

23. Update — April 5, 5:30 p.m. ET: Claire tweeted that she gave birth to a baby girl, and would be signing off Twitter for now.

Baby girl born! Now, to bond. (Read: See 'ya in a bit, @twitter). #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

Welcome to the world Luc໚ Paz D໚z-Ortiz! And to Twitter, @lucia;) We love you! #inlabor

— Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire)

26. But don’t worry… her daughter Lucia already has her own Twitter handle.

i think i liked it better on the other side. #born

— Luc໚ Paz D໚z-Ortiz (@lucia)

28. Congratulations Claire!

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