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This Canadian Restaurant Gives A Discount For Well-Behaved Kids

If only all restaurants adopted this policy.

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The Carino Japanese Bistro in Calgary, Canada surprised a happy mom this weekend when they gave her a $5.00 discount after her one-year-old daughter was "well behaved" during their Mother's Day brunch.

"Out for Mother's Day brunch today with our one year old daughter, when we received our bill," Daley Welsh posted on Reddit, with a picture of the receipt showing a "Well Behaved Kids" discount.


The owner of the restaurant, Toshi Karino, told Yahoo that he likes to show "appreciation for kids and parents if the kids dined with manners."

"This is just our secret appreciation. We never let the guests know the discount. We've done this often," he said.

After the photo made the rounds on social media, the restaurant posted a link on their Facebook page asking the family to get in touch so they could say thank you.

Facebook: CarinoJapaneseBistro

This isn't the first time a restaurant has offered up a "Well Behaved Kids" discount. Last year a Redditor posted a picture of a receipt from Sogno Di Vino, an Italian restaurant in Poulsbo, Washington, showing a $4.00 discount.


"We don't expect handouts for acting respectful of the folks who bring us our food," said another Redditor who had dined at Sogno Di Vino and had a similar experience. "But it certainly makes you feel good when someone else notices your kids in a positive light."

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