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This "Binsky" Video Imagines Banksy As A Baby

What if Banksy was actually just a toddler? Turns out this is a marketing campaign for a film called Art Machine, but it's still pretty adorable.

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Street Artist Banksy is perhaps the most mysterious person in the world, but turns out he's just a toddler named "Travis."

At least, that's what filmmaker Doug Karr imagines in his video Binsky. His sixteen-month old son Travis plays the titular role, and a group of kids act as reporters, fans, and art critics.

The video is actually promoting his feature film Art Machine, about a man growing up as a child prodigy. But they wanted to create something new and outlandish to show off the film.

The film was released today on iTunes.

"He represents everything that is beautiful about the art world."

"It's just a bunch of diapers hanging from a fence!" "If you want to keep looking at it, it's gonna cost $100"

"He's out on the streets, ripping the conventional art world a new one"

Good work, Travis!

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