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    The Cast Of "The Hunger Games" Sang Taylor Swift On "SNL" Last Night

    This was the best Saturday Night Live monologue in quite some time.

    Last night on SNL, Woody Harrelson's monologue was a messy, delightful, hilarious opener.

    The host sang about doing cocaine, was joined by the stars of the Hunger Games, and claims he smoked "a lot of herb right before" he went on stage.

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    When JLaw took the stage, Harrelson bowed down to her, exclaiming "It's the real Taylor Swift!"

    Then Lawrence tried to do an impression of Harrelson, but totally messed up her line. They cracked up, and she quipped it was because Harrelson was "always stoned."

    Somehow, the group got themselves together and sang a happy little song about 1989 to the tune of the Taylor Swift's "Blank Space."

    1989 was coincidentally the year that Harrelson last hosted SNL.

    Hopefully it won't be another 25 years before Harrelson hosts again.

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