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Drake Gets A Terrible Social Media Coach In This Hilarious New Webseries

With the help of media coach Janessa Slater — played by Saturday Night Live actress Vanessa Bayer — Drake will someday have one million Twitter followers.

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YouTube channel Above Average released an episode of their series "Sound Advice" today, in which SNL actress Vanessa Bayer plays Drake's media coach.

Unfortunately for Drake (but luckily for us), she is very bad at her job.

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She wants him to change his name to something more "hip-hop" like "Drake Time" or "Graham Cracker."

"You're going to wake up one day and be a huge star who has like one million Twitter followers."

"I actually have like 14 million followers."

She interrupts their meeting to take a call from 1994.

"I see that you've made a lot of mixtapes... Oh, can you hold on? It's 1994 calling, they want their technology back... No, no, no, I actually have to take this."

Above Average

And also encourages him to join JDate.

Watch the whole series on Above Average's website.

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