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There's A New "Marcel The Shell" Video And It's Freaking Adorable

This hilarious Marcel video is the first in three years. WE MISSED YOU MARCEL!

On Monday, comedian Jenny Slate and her husband, director Dean Fleischer-Camp, released a new Marcel The Shell With Shoes On video called "The Most Surprised I've Ever Been."

It's the first Marcel video since 2011, and it's the third in the Marcel series, which all started as one wildly successful 2010 short film.

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Marcel, as adorable as always, answers some important questions. For example, here's what happens when the lil' guy sneezes:

He explains that shrimps are "the idiots of the sea" and that his favorite saying is: "Life's a party, rock your body."

The sneaker-wearing shell — who is voiced by Slate — even braves the rain and sings a heartfelt song about friendship. He learned it at camp.

"The Most Surprised I've Ever Been" coincides with the release of the couple's Marcel-themed children's book of the same name, out this week.

Thanks for being so cool, Marcel!