Missouri State Senator Said She Was Tear Gassed, Questioned Police Response In Ferguson, Mo.

“Do you know if I’m going to gassed again, like I was Monday night?” Police Chief Thomas Jackson addressed complaints about the department’s response to protests following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

1. On Wednesday afternoon, Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson held a news conference to discuss the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

During the event, Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, said she was among the peaceful protestors who were hit with tear gas Monday night.

She asked Jackson if she would be gassed again.

The police chief remained stoic, until he heard she was a State Senator. Then, with a shocked look, he responded “I hope not.”

Brown’s death has prompted a federal inquiry, nightly protests in Ferguson, and debate around the country about law enforcement and the media treatment of minorities.

3. Chappelle-Nadal reportedly told a Washington Post reporter after the press conference that the police chief “blew me off” :

6. Later that evening, a journalist in the area said she was taken into custody.

State senator Maria Chapelle Nadal taken into police custody

— Conetta (@BmoreConetta)

7. Not so, the state senator responded.

@eyokley @BmoreConetta No I wasn't! I'm on the street

— MariaChappelleNadal (@MariaChappelleN)

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