"Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train" Is The Hilarious Feminist Tumblr You Need In Your Life

    A clever Tumblr user is documenting men who take up too much room on trains. "A classic among public assertion of privilege."

    Have you noticed how women often sit like this?

    And men sit like this?

    Or thought about how women are expected to keep their bodies "small and contained," without taking up much space, while men often assert power through enjoying looser, relaxed positions?

    One Tumblr user seems to have thought about it quite a bit, and is documenting "men taking up too much space on the train." The results are hilarious.

    Just a comfortable guy, taking up space on the train.

    Just two bros, probably not thinking about male privilege.

    One of these things is different than the other two.

    One of these people seems more comfortable than the other.

    Do you really need THIS much space?


    No, you do not.