Kristen Wiig Returned To “Saturday Night Live” For The Best “Sound Of Music” Sketch Ever

Kristen Wiig came back to SNL as a forgotten Von Trapp sister, and it was super weird and awesome.

1. Kristen Wiig surprised audiences with an appearance in SNL’s “Sound of Music” cold opening.

She was playing her beloved “Lawrence Welk Show” character.

2. Okay, let’s break it down. First Kristen Wiig’s character Dooneese did this amazing dance.

3. She touched Maria’s boobs.

4. Dooneese danced again.


5. She whistled out of her butt.

6. She put a frog in her mouth.

7. There was some sexual tension…

8. Which Dooneese ruined.

9. She closed the show with a beautiful rendition of “Climb Every Mountain.”

10. And Fred Armisen came back too!!!

11. Here’s the video again because you probably want to see it one more time in all its weird glory.

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