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Jon Stewart Wants To Start A Kickstarter To Buy CNN

For only $25,000, you can pop molly with Fareed Zakaria.

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On last night's episode of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart explained that if Rupert Murdoch bought Time Warner, CNN would need to sell to another company. It would go for about $10 billion.

"Now, $10 billion is a lot for anybody," said Stewart. "But it's not a lot for all of us."

So Stewart introduced his Kickstarter campaign to raise $10 billion and buy CNN.

There are some great prizes! If you donate $10, you'll get your face in one of these boxes:

For only $25,000 you can do drugs with CNN host Fareed Zakaria!

If you throw in a small $5 million donation, CNN will spend two weeks straight searching for your keys.

And if you really step up to the plate and give $1 billion, you'll get to see your favorite CNN anchors fight to the death!

While the Kickstarter campaign is just a joke, don't worry: the website is real.

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