This Is What It Would Look Like If “Friends” Were On TV Today

“I’ll be there for you, if you shoot me a text first.”

1. The Nerdist network made a parody imagining what the Friends opening might look like if it premiered on TV today, and it’s complete with iPhones, gluten-free beer, and fancy lattes.

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3. They’re obviously hipsters who probably live in Brooklyn because they’ve been priced out of Manhattan.




5. And they’re too cool to dance with each other, so they just tweet and check Tinder instead.




7. Milkshakes? Um, it’s OK, I’ll just have an almond milk latte.




9. The theme song gets a random dubstep remix halfway through.

11. Just remember: “I’ll be there for you, if you shoot me a text first.”

13. Thank god Friends was made in the ’90s.

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