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This Hilarious Feminist R&B Song Will Ruin All Other Men For You

Yes, he wants to get freaky, but only on your terms.

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This hilarious, feminist song by Key & Peele writer Phil Jackson and College Humor is the sexy slow jam you didn't know you were waiting for, ladies.

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This guy knows what women want to hear:

Damn, you really know how to treat a girl.

His bed-side table is stock full of the books you wish your boyfriend would read, like "The Art of Cunnilingus" and "Your Bodies Are Both Wonderlands."

He's going to love you forever, whether or not you shave your body hair.

I don't care if you don't shave your body hair,
I mean, I have my preferences but that's not really fair,
I realize that those are culturally imposed,
By magazines, movies, male-catered pornos...

Obviously he would never snack shame you.

Okay, I'm getting a little excited and I need to go watch the rest of this alone.

I'm dead. I've died. A horny feminist ghost is writing this.

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