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We Finally Got The Whole Story Behind Dumb Starbucks On Last Night's "Nathan For You"

"We don't want our customers to get sick, but if they do, technically that's part of the artistic experience."

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Here's the real story behind Dumb Starbucks: Fielder originally came up with the idea for a parody Starbucks to help out a struggling business owner.

Comedy Central / Via Nathan For You

The coffee-shop owner, Elias, was weary at first but finally agreed to pursue a parody Starbucks with Fielder, as long as he didn't get hit with a lawsuit from the corporation.

So Fielder visited a lawyer to seek legal counsel.

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He ended up getting the attorney to sign a document saying he would be responsible if Starbucks sued.


The lawyer also introduced some game-changing news: Parody law. If Fielder established himself as a parody artist, Starbucks would have a harder time suing.

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So Fielder hit the streets of Los Angeles and started performing musical-parodies in the vein of Weird Al-Yankovic. When he found out music parody wasn't really his thing, he created a parody art gallery instead.

Next step: Hiring his staff.

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They had great senses of humor!

And then, Dumb Starbucks finally opened for business! Overnight, it became a top news story around the world.

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You can watch the whole dumb episode on Comedy Central's website. Nathan For You airs Tuesdays at 10:30 on Comedy Central.