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    Posted on Jul 27, 2014

    This Guy Makes Amazingly Weird Vines You Should Watch Immediately

    Hello? Hey. All from the brain of Avery Monsen.

    Avery Monsen is a comedian, illustrator, and co-author of the book "All My Friends Are Dead," among others. He is also a very creative Vine user.

    1. You might know him from the "100 New Emojis" Vine.

    Pause the Vine at any moment to check out the emojis.

    2. Or this one, which has been looped over 48 million times. It's literally perfect.

    3. He also makes magical Mrs. Doubtfire themed Vines.

    4. And ones that show the Universe's true intentions.

    5. Before Monsen's Vines, we never knew just how chill Garfield is.

    6. He isn't afraid to get real weird and experimental.

    7. Like, really weird.

    In the best possible way, of course.

    8. But one thing is for sure: He is incredibly original, and never short on ideas. Here are 100 of them:

    Stop the Vine at any moment to read one of the 100 ideas included.

    9. Monsen is very good at making shadows!

    10. He is also a patriot who showed us what we've all been wondering for years: What would it look like if Abraham Lincoln became an assistant manager at Hot Topic?

    11. He has a sad dog who moonlights as Santa Claus...

    12. And a cool cat.

    13. His animations are just as good as his IRL videos.

    14. Because he is a fantastic artist.

    15. So Avery, please don't get hit by a car...

    16. Because we all want to keep watching your awesome, weird-ass Vines.
    ABC / Via Modern Family

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