Anna Kendrick And Rebel Wilson Posted New Wrap Photos From The Set Of “Pitch Perfect 2”


1. Pitch Perfect was one of the best movies of our generation, a.k.a. cinematic perfect, which you probably already know.

Unless you haven’t seen it yet in which case LOL bye hater.

Brownstone Productions / Gold Circle Films

3. Now we have another reason to be excited: The sequel has officially wrapped!

Brownstone Productions / Gold Circle Films

5. Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick posted photos from the set of Pitch Perfect 2 and ahhhh!!!! The Bellas look more beautiful and badass than ever.

6. It looks like they wrapped after filming a scene in their pajamas:

And that's a wrap for Pitch Perfect 2!!!! X love these ladies!!!

— Rebel Wilson (@RebelWilson)

7. Anna Kendrick posted a picture of them having a pajama party, and captioned it: “All these bitches wrap tomorrow and leave me behind…… I totally HATE them.”

Except the “a” was a heart so they’re probably still BFFs.

9. And here they are either singing or posing with their mouths open:

11. Now go watch this and cry about how excited you are.

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