A San Francisco Radio Station Has Been Playing Nelly For 18 Straight Hours

God help us all.

1. Latino Mix 105.7, a California radio station, has been playing the very important early ’00s rap song “Hot in Herre” by Nelly non-stop since at least 3 p.m. on Friday.

2. If you don’t believe me please ditch all of your weekend plans and live stream it here for yourself.

Nelly / Via breatheheavy.com

3. Apparently the station is pulling the stunt to re-brand themselves as “HOT 105.7.”

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

See what they did there? “HOT” like “It’s HOT in herre.” Good one, 105.7.

4. People seem pretty pleased with the station.

I almost feel compelled to stay up all night and listen to Nelly just to see how this will all end. Almost.

— Douglas Williams (@DougWilliams85)

Look, ordinarily I'm not an emotional person. But I feel very close to all of you right now. #Nelly1057

— Jeb Lund (@Mobute)

#Nelly1057 is the future of commercial radio

— maura johnston (@maura)

I've been up for 35 minutes and listened to 33 minutes of Hot In Herre #Nelly1057

— Drew Shaw (@DShaw31)

can't believe there is nothing on @CNN about #Nelly1057. it's almost like they don't even care about actual news.

— Lana Berry (@Lana)

11. Because you can never hear enough of: GOOD GRACIOUS, ASS IS BODACIOUS.


12. We didn’t know we missed you this much, Nelly. Happy early birthday everybody.

H/t Gawker

Correction: A previous version of this article misstated Hot In Herre as a ’90s song. It actually came out in 2002. The author is pretty embarrassed by this because she felt confident in her knowledge of ’90s hip-hop, and apologizes profusely for the grave error.

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