This Chapel Has Become A Makeshift Hospital For Newborn Babies In The Philippines

In Tacloban, Philippines, the city hit hardest by Typhoon Haiyan, a chapel now acts as a neonatal intensive care unit, the Associated Press reports.

1. In Tacloban, Philippines, a chapel has become a makeshift intensive care unit for the babies who have been born in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

David Guttenfelder / Via

2. The bottom floor of the two-story Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center was flooded during the storm, and the intensive care unit for newborns was destroyed.

David Guttenfelder /

3. Doctors and staff took 20 babies from the unit to a small chapel for safety, placing some of them on the tiny church alter.

David Guttenfelder / Via

4. There is still no electricity in the city, and the chapel is lacking many other basic needs.

David Guttenfelder / Via

5. Environmental and humanitarian disasters tend to put women and girls at higher risk of violence, displacement, and sickness.

John Lavellana / Reuters / Landov

6. One set of parents takes turns pushing oxygen into the lungs of their days-old baby with a hand-held pump.

David Guttenfelder / Via

7. Others rest on wooden pews with their infants.

“A mother rests with her newborn baby in a church pew at a chapel inside a hospital in Tacloban, Philippines.”

8. This is Althea Mustacisa, who was born three days ago, according to AP photographer David Guttenfelder. She is unable to breathe on her own.

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