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11 Facts Every Edinburgher Knows To Be True

If you live in the glorious city of Edinburgh, then you'll be oddly proud of all these unsettling truths.

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1. Salt 'n' sauce is the law.

If you ask for anything else on a fish supper, then you will throw the person behind the counter for a temporary loop. Also, ask for Salt 'n' sauce in Glasgow, and you'll end up getting laughed at and have HP sauce all over your chips. Which is embarrassing for all concerned.


6. But Edinburgh in the summer is pure Meadows.

As soon as there is the slightest glimmer of sunlight, you can't get a portable barbecue in Sainsbury's for love nor money. And all you have to go on for finding your pals is, "It's this far from middle meadow walk." And no, nobody remembers that Mario thing either.

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