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    11 Facts Every Edinburgher Knows To Be True

    If you live in the glorious city of Edinburgh, then you'll be oddly proud of all these unsettling truths.

    1. Salt 'n' sauce is the law.

    If you ask for anything else on a fish supper, then you will throw the person behind the counter for a temporary loop. Also, ask for Salt 'n' sauce in Glasgow, and you'll end up getting laughed at and have HP sauce all over your chips. Which is embarrassing for all concerned.

    2. George Street vs. Cowgate is a legit debate.

    Pricey and fancy, or cheap and dangerous?

    3. The word "trams" = a punch in the face.

    I can't remember the last time I went on a bus that wasn't diverted... By 14 miles.

    4. You can spit on this with no explanation.

    Once I did this and it got in my hair, but I had to carry on as if I meant it and everything was cool. It wasn't.

    5. Edinburgh at Christmas is pure beauty.

    6. But Edinburgh in the summer is pure Meadows.

    As soon as there is the slightest glimmer of sunlight, you can't get a portable barbecue in Sainsbury's for love nor money. And all you have to go on for finding your pals is, "It's this far from middle meadow walk." And no, nobody remembers that Mario thing either.

    7. You need to have your bus routes and timetables memorised.

    And if they are randomly changed for no reason, then there is no way in hell you're saying "cheers" to the bus driver.

    8. Everyone has a love/hate relationship with the Festival.

    You love the fact that it brings tourists to the city. You hate the fact in brings tourists to the city.

    9. People from Leith don't think they're from Edinburgh.

    It's like, Edinburgh, but no really. It's Leith, eh.

    10. The Street Party is extremely overrated.

    It doesn't do anything that a flat party, a good few whiskeys, and a few bottles of Buckie can't do better.

    11. Edinburgh is the center of the universe.

    We invented everything, so the world as we know it wouldn't exist otherwise.

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