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    15 Los Angeles Tacos That Are Too Perfect For Words

    *books ticket to LAX*

    1. Chicken Mole at Guisado's

    2. Al Pastor at Tacos Leo

    3. Carne Asada or Al Pastor at La Reyna

    4. Shrimp Tacos Dorados at Mariscos Jalisco

    5. Hard-Shell Potato Tacos at El Atacor #11

    6. Beef Tacos at Tito's Tacos

    7. Al Pastor Tacos at Tacos Al Pastor

    8. Carne Asada at Tacos Arizas

    9. Shrimp Tacos at Best Fish Taco in Ensenada*

    10. Chorizo Tacos At Mexicali Taco Co.

    11. Carne Asada (or literally anything) at El Chato Taco Truck

    These are the tacos that every taco in Los Angeles wants to be. They truly are perfectly small, just greasy enough, almost-too-spicy-but-just-right little miracles.

    They fit into the palm of your hand and come with the most incredible tomatillo-chile salsa– which is to say you could totally eat at least four before you'd start asking yourself "do I need another one?" (You do.)

    12. Jackfruit Tacos at Plant Food For People

    13. Fish Tacos at Ricky's Fish Tacos

    14. Carnitas at Taco Zone

    I mean, the place is called Taco Zone for crying out loud.

    15. Chorizo and Octopus Taco at Guerilla Tacos