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How To Cook Perfect Eggs

Fried, scrambled, boiled (hard and soft) and of course, POACHED.

We all know eggs are the perfect food.

They start our mornings, save our dinners, provide the perfect late night snack, and have the power to get us through the worst hangovers of our lives.

So here's a guide to cooking every kind. Bookmark it. Print it. Remember it. Who knows, one day it might save your life.*

*Maybe not, but it might save you from sad desk lunch, which is basically just as important.


The sunny-side-up egg is the King Of Instagram Foods, and can take many forms.

This one is a FRIED egg, and if it doesn't have golden-brown edges, well, it's not fried.

Get the full download on how to perfectly fry eggs HERE.

Then put them on YOUR PIZZA.


A hard-boiled egg is basically the easiest thing you can make in a kitchen; all you need is a stove, a pot of water and a timer.

Still, there are some things you need to know. That green ring around the yolk? Yeah, that's an overcooked egg. Hard to peel? There's a trick for that.

For the fully foolproof, never-let-you-down hard-boiled egg, head HERE.

And then you can make THESE deviled eggs.


If you really want perfect scrambled eggs, you gotta use a nonstick skillet.

I own one JUST so I can make scrambled eggs and omelettes. It's true. And you'll be using butter. Lots of it.

For the full low-down on scrambled eggs, click HERE.

And then you can make THIS breakfast sandwich.


There are lots of tricks, tools and gadgets that claim to make PERFECT poached eggs, but the reality is that you only need a pot, some vinegar and an egg.

For egg poaching magic, head HERE.

Then go forth and truly *upgrade* that avocado toast.


The perfect soft boiled egg has a just-set yolk, with the center still slightly runny, almost jammy.

To me, it's kind of like if a fried egg and a hard boiled egg had a baby. So, yeah, it's the perfect food.

Head HERE for perfectly soft boiled eggs.

Then you can class up your store-bought ramen like THIS.

And here's a ~mesmerizing~ video showing you how to cook all the eggs!

View this video on YouTube