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    27 Signs We've Reached Peak Kale

    Don't act like it's not your favorite vegetable.

    1. Everybody is blending it into their smoothies.

    2. And I mean *everybody*.

    3. Caesar salads have lost their identity and are now made exclusively with kale.

    4. Actually, every salad is just made with kale.

    5. Even lentil salads want kale action.

    6. You kind of can't make pasta without it.

    7. Or, at least nobody wants to.

    8. Sure, let's just get rid of the pasta altogether.

    9. It shows up in every bowl, whether it was invited or not.

    10. We get it, kale, you LOVE bowls.

    11. Basil has gone out of business because kale can do it better and greener.

    12. Now when you hear the word "chip" there is more than a remote possibility that it means something made of KALE.

    13. It's showing up in our TACOS.

    14. And invading our slow cookers.

    15. We can no longer eat breakfast without it.

    16. Eggs and kale are literally inseparable.

    17. Get a room, you two.

    18. People are making CAKES out of it.

    19. Membership was once available only to cabbage, but now kale has become a prominent member of the Slaw Club.

    20. You'll never slaw the same way again.

    21. You thought gratins were only for potatoes?

    22. It's effortlessly replacing all other leafy greens in basically every recipe ever.

    23. It's all up in our veggie burgers now.

    24. Kale has even started to replace all our favorite dips.


    26. And inside our sushi.

    27. Kale. In. Our. Sushi.