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    27 Signs We've Reached Peak Kale

    Don't act like it's not your favorite vegetable.

    1. Everybody is blending it into their smoothies.

    It's like it's not even there, except it is, and that is wonderful. Recipe for kale and pineapple breakfast smoothie here.

    2. And I mean *everybody*.

    Christine Byrne/ BuzzFeed

    Learn about NYC's most popular smoothie here.

    3. Caesar salads have lost their identity and are now made exclusively with kale.

    Recipe for kale Caesar salad with roasted chicken here.

    4. Actually, every salad is just made with kale.

    "Salad" = "kale." Recipe for fall kale salad with apples and pomegranate here.

    5. Even lentil salads want kale action.

    With kale. Recipe here.

    6. You kind of can't make pasta without it.

    Sausage and cheese used to be enough, but now it's really not pasta unless there are bits of kale floating around. Recipe for sausage and kale baked ziti here.

    7. Or, at least nobody wants to.

    Excuse me waiter, there's pasta in my kale. Recipe here.

    8. Sure, let's just get rid of the pasta altogether.

    Now I've seen everything. Recipe for kale "carbonara" with bacon and parmesan here.

    9. It shows up in every bowl, whether it was invited or not.

    Recipe for spicy kale and quinoa salad here.

    10. We get it, kale, you LOVE bowls.

    11. Basil has gone out of business because kale can do it better and greener.

    If you've never had it, kale pesto is truly wonderful. Recipe here.

    12. Now when you hear the word "chip" there is more than a remote possibility that it means something made of KALE.

    Which is cuckoo bananas, but also really delicious. Recipe for KALE CHIPS here.

    13. It's showing up in our TACOS.

    It's a taco *skillet*, but still. IS NOTHING SACRED? Recipe here.

    14. And invading our slow cookers.

    Slow cookers + kale: What's not to love? Recipe for kale and kielbasa soup here.

    15. We can no longer eat breakfast without it.

    What is a morning, if not the first kale opportunity of our day? Recipe for creamy eggs and kale here.

    16. Eggs and kale are literally inseparable.

    "You complete me." —Eggs, to kale

    Recipe for kale, squash, and bacon hash here.

    17. Get a room, you two.

    Recipe for fried eggs with kale and mushrooms here.

    18. People are making CAKES out of it.

    OK, these are like, savory cakes, more like a potato pancake but with sweet potato and kale. And yeah, OK, I would eat a million of them. Recipe here.

    19. Membership was once available only to cabbage, but now kale has become a prominent member of the Slaw Club.

    Recipe for game-changing slaw here.

    20. You'll never slaw the same way again.

    21. You thought gratins were only for potatoes?

    You've obviously never met kale, because that shit can DO IT ALL. Recipe for kale and cauliflower gratin here.

    22. It's effortlessly replacing all other leafy greens in basically every recipe ever.

    You're saying spinach, but I'm ~hearing~ kale. Recipe here.

    23. It's all up in our veggie burgers now.

    Because honestly, if my burger doesn't have kale in it, I don't want it at all.


    Recipe for veggie burger (with kale) here.

    24. Kale has even started to replace all our favorite dips.

    Dethroning sour cream and onion as king of dips is kale's greatest legacy. Find the recipe for kale and feta dip here.


    Honestly, the only way to make me love pizza more is to add kale. Well done. Recipe for goat cheese and kale pizza here.

    26. And inside our sushi.

    My New Roots / Via

    I don't know whether to squeal with delight or smh. Recipe for black kale sushi rolls here.

    27. Kale. In. Our. Sushi.

    The definition of PEAK KALE. Recipe for kale and avocado sushi here.